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Character Art

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<3 art made for me by fabulous people

mama tobi is so kind

xxleaftrailxx was totes not here

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Clyra-The-Wolf pixel fullpiece:… (… no.7 black w/purple tips at the front) Seductively wiping crumbs off of sasha braus's face. text: "you are quite messy, aren't you little chipmunk?"
speedpaint song:…

barn-owls pixel complete speedpaint of Could I get (except wearing the last outfit here ) fighting with ? With Destry yielding a sword like this ? And the location being maybe a dark alley if that's alright??
And if it's not too much trouble, I'd love a speedpaint of it to this song, perhaps?
Speedpaint song:…

Icyiblu floatie… (feral!)

littlesaber floatie of… wearing… and…

TheCheshireNeko floatie of tuxedo tom with white big/smaller spots on left eye. blue eyes red bowtie bob tail.

CobbIepot floatie of… (on right)

ghostsense floatie…

Acethebuttface floatie of… sassing up a goddamn storm

JazzyViper floatie of…

Sojourn-Soldiier floatie of… w/ flower crown

LyricTheCheeseLord fullbody of lyricthecheeselord.deviantart.… who is fat; also make it an ID

Ao-No-Lupus floatie of…

inkuy floatie of

xRainearx full piece of…

MintIeafs floatie of… and fullbody of

FuriDeamon floatie of… +scarf/dynamic pos!

GriffinBlood headshot… dogtags as cutoff! + earrings

G-oremite floatie of… as feral+black beanie
floatie of…

y-odel… floatie of no.3 fluffy and cute

ghostsightings floatie of sitting like asamicat

potassivm headshot of… disgusted expression w/ tongue out!

Lilydoesart floatie of…
floatie of


Finished Piece
SweeneyTrash :CO: by BlitzEngles
Frostbitten-Kitten :CO: +SP by BlitzEngles
A complete picture, either painted or with lines. First three characters do not affect the price, every one after that is an extra $8! If you want a speedpaint as well, just tell me beforehand with one to two songs; no additional charge. The more specific you can be when describing what you want, the better!

pixel floaties
frostbitten-kitten :CO: by BlitzEngles
Kiiey :CO: by BlitzEngles
VengefulSpirits :CO: 1 by BlitzEngles
Really small pixels!
they're itsy bitsy and not animated, but they are transparent. one per commission!

Headshot transparents!
Cacturned :CO: by BlitzEngles
Red-As-Ice :CO: by BlitzEngles
large neck-up headshot of your character! No shading, but a gradient over the top, lineart is a darker version of the gradient. mmmm if your character has like a bandana or collar thing going on, the bottom of those accessories will be the cutoff((make sure you tell me what accessories from your ref sheet you want on your character tho, if it's optional, the default is nothing!))

if you have any specific expression or thing in its mouth(like a doggy bone idk), go ahead and tell me!

Full Body
Waterflow3er :CO: by BlitzEngles
Transparent full body characters; done in Sai. If you have any specific positions, please tell me. One character per commission price.

If you want it as like, an ID or something teellll me do i can put your name and a cute lil thing kay man

Pixel-lines complete
Firevampirecat :CO: by BlitzEngles
x-siberiantiger-x :CO: 2 by BlitzEngles
complete picture done in Sai with Binary/Legendary pen or MS Paint!




Apr 25, 2015
5:47 pm
Apr 25, 2015
5:31 pm
Apr 25, 2015
5:29 pm
Apr 25, 2015
5:19 pm
Apr 25, 2015
5:08 pm


Dat Box of Duv <#

I will have you know that you are the sweetest and most determined person in the wholleee wiiiiidddddeeee world. You are simply fantastic and I am so so so glad that people look up to you cause they can learn a whole lot about how to handle life by watching you. You are a great all around person. Don't ever let people make you feel bad because you don't act how they want you to act. You always do what you feel is right and that is p important.

I have gooootttt to have you over soon. I will show you so much stuff around Cripple Creek (eventhoughitisashittytownshushhhhhhhh). I'll take you to all the cool places and show you my house and my ridiculous zoo. Like omf. I can't wait to have you up here! It's gonna be great.

So yes. Anyone else reading this.
All you really need to know is that if you are looking for a great artist that is also a great all around person and who makes an excellent role model. YOU SIR. Have found the perfect person in all the world for the job. Wye Wye is great. Kay? Kay.

Glad that is settled. -w-

P.S. I don't have any new drawings for us, but have some p great animal pictures.


bird mom is best mom

Aquarius | 18 | INTJ

Hellooo! I'm attending a university, so I don't have a ton of time to draw anymore! Regardless, I really like talking to people on here whenever the opportunity arises, so feel free to drop a comment!

I lovelovelove fanart it's the sweetest thing!! Just please link me to it, cos I'm awful at checking the mentions part of my inbox!

I use Clip Studio Paint, however I previously used Paint Tool Sai and MS Paint, so if you have any questions about any of the programs, I'll do my best to help!


A wise man once said "Say goodbye to your pages symmetry, asshole."
SINCE I COULDN't find the poster to buy you a screenshot will just have to do for now!

Man oh man I love you a lot like god damn you're so important.
This year has been really crazy and probably the best part right now is despite all the sit that's gone down between us we still made it. Being stubborn and insecure is not worth it I'm never letting go of you again.

We've been at it for a while now on Skype already but I could really go on about this forever, I've never had a friend whose stuck around with me for so long and helped me out so much like I honestly would not be anywhere near where I am now if it wasn't for you.
And it's super crazy to be so close with someone for so long that even despite how much we've both changed over the years we've known each other that we're still so close. Since freshman year both of us have been waiting together for graduation and we both helped each other to make it to this point and we might not be doing exactly what we planned and these next four years are gonna be tough with us even father apart and both so busy but after all this I really think we can make it.

You're so so so important to me and I really hope you always know that because I couldn't be more serious about that.
I'm v sereaous

And I'm v sorry for the pun

I love you so much man please always remember that I mean it muah muah
Heart Border [Pink/White] by RevPixyHeart Border [Pink/White] by RevPixy
:c: ma vie by eobe

fandom requests?? 

58 deviants said like no ocs, but say kaneki or something??
31 deviants said ive had a block for like straight up 9 months


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So tempting to buy a pixel floatie
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ahh, your art only continues to improve! Just was going through the art I've bought in the past and wanted to wish you well and a good day! :)
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but i love you guys
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Is grave encounters 2 real?
I was watching the movie and saw they thought everything was real but grave encounters 2 makes no logical sence! Its like their walls and doorways like change throughout the movie! Like first the window acctually led outside then later in they try to escape through it and the window led to a brick wall! Then another thing was that thing that came through the window that was like 9ft tall and was rly skinny was not human! Was that thing like fake or was this acctual found footage???
BlitzEngles Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was real. I went there myself and like none of the windows and doors made sense. Also I was chased too by that skinny dude. It sucked real bad.
SkittyStrawberries Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Student Filmographer
U h m I heard ur friends w/ that ree-uh girl again, care to explain?
BlitzEngles Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
u m that was an a + b conversation so c yourself out
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I triple dog dare u to tell me
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hi! i have a question 0:
which version of clip studio paint do you use? pro or ex?
BlitzEngles Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pro! I'd really like the upgrade to Ex eventually though!
sloth-on-a-pedestal Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah okay! thanks for replying c:
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My mother bird

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BlitzEngles Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 Calm Down! by BlitzEngles  
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i s2g owls will look adorable morphed into anything
corgi owl…
lion owl thing…
bunny owl
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